public art – ‘the rainmakers’ by gr shedley, 1965

I love discovering public art in my local area!  While on an expedition to Christies Beach for my coffee fix (around 20 minutes away, but so worth it to visit Viscous Coffee!), we drove past this extraordinary sculpture!

'The Rainmakers' by GR Shedley, 1965 (bronze sculpture)

‘The Rainmakers’ by GR Shedley, 1965 (bronze sculpture)

'The Rainmakers' by GR Shedley, 1965 (bronze sculpture)

‘The Rainmakers’ by GR Shedley, 1965 (bronze sculpture)

Caption:  “Before the dawn of history, the Australian Aborigine became isolated from all men and roamed this continent, creating his own arts and culture.

Two old men of the tribe squat over the sacred rain stone and chant their age old songs to bring water for the people and food for the creatures.”

According to the National Archives of AustraliaThe Rainmakers, a bronze statue of Aboriginal warriors, was commissioned for the SA Housing Trust estate at Christies Beach, near Adelaide, by the German builders, Wender and Duerholt. The company has built thousands of homes in SA since its Governing Director, Mr Eugene Lohmann, first visited Adelaide from Remscheid-Lennep in 1951. The Premiere of SA responded to the German firm’s gift by naming the park in which the statue stands “Lohmann Park”.

These days, this area isn’t one of the nicest suburbs in Adelaide, but it’s slowly being redeveloped as more people want to live close to the gorgeous beaches around here.  This is when I think ‘gentrification’ is a good idea :)

kate derum award @ the australian tapestry workshop

I was so honoured to have been selected as a finalist of the Irene Davies Emerging Artist Award as part of the international Kate Derum Award at the Australian Tapestry Workshop!



Click on THIS LINK to see the catalogue of all the finalists and winners – the exhibition will be at the Australian Tapestry Workshop (262-266 Park Street, South Melbourne) until 25 September.

new listing – men’s / unisex cotton scarf

This is the first in my specific ‘men’s range’ … though of course it would look gorgeous on the girls too 😉  Head over to ETSY or MADEIT to purchase!

Men's / Unisex Cotton Scarf - Red, Grey + Black

Men’s / Unisex Cotton Scarf – Red, Grey + Black

I have decided to try a French seam for the cotton scarves – I’m loving it!


art inspiration

Yesterday I took myself on an ‘art date’, as it’s been some time since I’ve visited my local Art Gallery Of South Australia!

I have fond memories visiting here with my Nanna as a child (as I grew up with parents who though art was a waste of time), and although the Gallery has changed quite a bit from those days, there are still some familiar faces!

Art Gallery Of South Australia - Interior (showing the Eros statue)

Art Gallery Of South Australia – Interior (showing the Eros statue)

In this post, I’m going to take you on a little art tour, showing you my inspirations :)  My photos aren’t the best quality in the world (and squared off for Instagram), but hopefully you’ll still be inspired!

Firstly, a piece that captured my imagination as a youngster right up to today – ‘Adoration Of The Magi’ – this huge tapestry was designed by Edward Burne-Jones and J H Dearle and woven by un-named weavers at Morris & Co around 1900-1902.  It is absolutely spectacular – Morris & Co was my main inspiration to get into textile design :)

'Adoration Of The Magi', designed by Edward Burne-Jones and JH Dearle, woven by Morris & Co, 1900-1902

‘Adoration Of The Magi’, designed by Edward Burne-Jones and JH Dearle, woven by Morris & Co, 1900-1902

Next on the tour are some fantastic Australian artists … I was a bit disappointed that my favourite Australian artist Peter Booth wasn’t on display (I will include his work at the end of this post), but there were plenty of other gorgeous pieces:

'The Bridge' by Dorrit Black, 1930

‘The Bridge’ by Dorrit Black, 1930

'The Artist's Sister' by Grace Cossington Smith, 1936

‘The Artist’s Sister’ by Grace Cossington Smith, 1936

'Miss Gwen Ridley' by Grace Crowley, 1930

‘Miss Gwen Ridley’ by Grace Crowley, 1930

'Self Portrait' by Stella Bowen, 1929

‘Self Portrait’ by Stella Bowen, 1929

'Merchants Of Death' by James Cant, 1938

‘Merchants Of Death’ by James Cant, 1938

'The Bridge' by James Cant, 1945

‘The Bridge’ by James Cant, 1945

Sidney Nolan - various portraits from the 1940s

Sidney Nolan – various portraits from the 1940s

I think the 30s and 40s were an exciting time in Australian art!  I confess I hadn’t heard of James Cant, so ended up discovering a ‘new’ artist yesterday too, which is very exciting!

The late, great Jeffrey Smart was a bit under-represented here … but here was one that I found interesting, considering Robe is one of my favourite holiday places – looks more industrial in this canvas though!

'Robe' by Jeffrey Smart, 1947

‘Robe’ by Jeffrey Smart, 1947

And this is an absolute classic in the Gallery (though usually Collier’s ‘Priestess Of Delphi’ is hanging nearby, but she must have been taking a rest)

'Circe Invidiosa' by J W Waterhouse, 1892

‘Circe Invidiosa’ by J W Waterhouse, 1892

'The Four Seasons' by Hugh Ramsay, 1902

‘The Four Seasons’ by Hugh Ramsay, 1902

There was a lot of gorgeous new art in the Gallery too – I was astounded by the ‘Momento Mori’ room, especially these two sculptures:

Front - 'My Concerns Will Outlive Yours' by Alex Seton (marble sculpture).  Back:  'The Exact Dimensions Of Being' by Ricky Swallow (limewood sculpture)

Front – ‘My Concerns Will Outlive Yours’ by Alex Seton (marble sculpture). Back: ‘The Exact Dimensions Of Being’ by Ricky Swallow (limewood sculpture)

And here are a couple of pieces that I didn’t realise the Gallery owned (there was also a small Lucien Freud which I forgot to photograph) – excuse the glass reflection on the Bacon!

'Study For Figure No. 4' by Francis Bacon, 1956

‘Study For Figure No. 4′ by Francis Bacon, 1956

'Bedroom, Gordon Square' by Vanessa Bell, 1912

‘Bedroom, Gordon Square’ by Vanessa Bell, 1912

Now here are the pieces that were not on display … so I had to rely on images from google for these!

This first piece would be especially familiar to those who grew up in Adelaide in the 70s and 80s :)

'Woman With A Laundry Basket' by Duane Hanson, 1974

‘Woman With A Laundry Basket’ by Duane Hanson, 1974

And my other favourite – I remember staring at this for ages when I was a teenager, I was absolutely fascinated (and still am!):

'Painting 1982' by Peter Booth, 1982

‘Painting 1982′ by Peter Booth, 1982

Thanks for joining me on my little ‘art tour’ – I won’t leave it so long next time!

new listing – ‘scales’ in black + white



This is the latest addition to the shop – the ‘Scales’ pattern is from a French pattern book from around 1920, and is perfectly suited to men and women alike!

This one is extra-soft, as the white warp is baby wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills, and the black weft is the 5-ply that I usually use, to give the scarf more structure.

Available on my ETSY, STORENVY and MADEIT stores!




new stockist – gallery m

Yes, Threefold scarves are now available at Gallery M, Marion Cultural Centre!!

Marion Cultural Centre

Gallery M is very easy to find, right next to Marion Shopping Centre – 287 Diagonal Road, Oaklands Park.  There is plenty of free parking right next to the Cultural Centre, so drop in :)


Gallery M has a shop and an exhibition space, as well as a cafe next door!