2015, cross stitch with wool on canvas – 59cm x 42cm (23.2″ x 16.5″)

This piece took around 270 hours to complete – it is effectively a self portrait, as I took elements from my Astrological birth chart and overlayed them on the spider’s web.  The piece was inspired by an art competition that I am entering (the Emma Hack Art Prize), which gave the theme of ‘Humanity In Nature’.  I enjoyed the contrast between my ‘slow art’ and the delicate spider’s web which is never permanent.

Here’s the ‘official’ statement for the piece:

Exploring the juxtaposition between instinctive, elemental nature, and the human need to intellectualise these same forces, ‘Identity’ uses Astrology to present the interrelation of humanity in nature.

I will be spending more time this year entering art competitions and trying to get my work ‘out there’ – whether they are accepted or not, it’s the process of creating art and getting it out into the world that is the main thing!

gallery opening!

‘Goth Deathrock No. 4 – Anita’ is in Gallery M at the Marion Cultural Centre from 30 November to 9 January!


If you’re in Adelaide, make sure you stop by – it’s exhibit no. 1 as soon as you walk in ;)  Here’s Anita posing in front of it:

301114 gallery

And here’s me in the carpark!  (I was too shy to have pictures taken in a very busy gallery)

301114 carpark

If you’re in Adelaide, please put a vote in for me in the ‘People’s Choice Award’!  :D

I’m very lucky to live in the City Of Marion which supports the arts ;)

threefold designs in ‘the wheel’ magazine!!

I’m super excited and honoured to have been asked to write an article for the prestigious magazine ‘The Wheel’ released by Ashford Handicrafts!!


I have a few Ashford looms in my studio, I must confess!  My tapestry loom is an Ashford, as is my table loom and my rigid heddle loom.  I also have an Ashford warping board and weaving bench … well, they *are* the best!

You can grab a copy when purchasing Ashford products, becoming a member of the Ashford Club, or by visiting an Ashford distributor ;)


new infinity scarves

This is my favourite pattern at the moment – I call it ‘Underground’, because it reminds me of that brilliant Siouxsie And The Banshees song ;)  The pattern is another beauty from 1895!

All scarves are available on ETSY and STORENVY!

il_570xN.653352048_jfbcil_570xN.653352802_1gosAnd another Purple Peacock, medium length:



new scarves in the shop!

I have been weaving like mad, trying to replace scarves that I have sold!  We had a short holiday in Robe (bliss!), where I took a few product pics:

Vintage1GuavaSGeometricPinkS1Here I am returning to our holiday house with a load of scarves!

Scarves!I finished a few more after our break too – have a peek at the ETSY and STORENVY scarf sections for new additions!





finally … astrology bookmark pdf patterns!

Yes, I have FINALLY gotten around to uploading all the Astrology Bookmark designs into PDF pattern format.  They are available on ETSY and STORENVY for only USD $5!

It takes *so long* to convert the colours into approximate DMC equivalents!!  Of course, once you purchase the pattern, you are quite welcome to change the colours as you see fit ;)

Libra Pattern

I have also reduced all the large-sized patterns to only USD $15, since the physical kits have been discontinued.

new listings

We had a break in hot weather, so I thought I’d head down to the local beach for some more product shots!

For a change, I thought I’d model one … it matches my hair!!  This is the Peacock design, medium length in Turquoise + Black – available on ETSY and STORENVY:

PeacockTurquoiseM5And a pic of the Vintage Designs No. 1, short length, woven in Guava + Black – available on ETSY and STORENVY:

Vintage1GuavaSThere will be more listings coming soon – I will post them here when they’re ready!

Also, you may have noticed this website went down for a little while – it seems that in January the rules for domain names changed, and my website was put on hold!  Luckily my domain provider fixed this for me ;)